Hello everyone I’m Charli Sparks and I am running for multiple leadership roles for 2017.

I would like to get straight into my speech with my achievements;
* In grade 3 I was nominated as J.E.C by my f llow peers
* I participated in the Apollo hockey 7’s that came 3rd in state
* I was voted 7th best and fairest in the Y.J.F.L league
* I was selected to speak at the grade 4 IPad Information Night
* I played in the basketball 2’s and netball comet 2’s for Interschool Sports
*I played as captain for St Marys Junior Football Club for s few games
* I played in an AFL rules football grand final in 2015
*Lastly I was awarded second best and fairest for my leadership skills in and outside the game of football.

I am nominating myself for the roles: School Captain, Vice Captain and Sports Captain.

I am a natural leader and I believe you should vote for me because;
* I always listen to people’s ideas and work well in a team
* I feel comfortable and confident speaking in front of large groups of people
* I can relate to students and teachers easily and
* I have a happy and caring nature.

In Conclusion I look at myself as a responsible
and reliable person that could lead Apollo and
strive for excellence badge or no badge that’s
why you should vote for me.